Sunday, March 23, 2014


Oh my little cupcakes,

I fear I have caught the travel bug. There's this itch I can't seem to scratch and I think its because travelling is addicting. It happens oh so often after I travel to some wonderful exotic location ; the cravings come very quickly like a fat boy craves cake. Sadly, I do not have the luxury of jetting of as and when I like so here I am left with reminiscing about past trips. Seeing as I have yet to do a post of my previous Eurotrip, here are some of my favourite photographs from Europe. 

From Switzerland to London, England I had the most wonderful of trips. Time sure does fly as it has been almost a year since this trip. What would I give to go back once more... 

Helvetiorum Fidei Ac Virtuti
 (to the loyalty and bravery of the Swiss)

Photo of dad crossing the stress of Switzerland in the rain.

The streets of Switzerland

(The Chapel Bridge)
Lucerne - Switzerland

View from The Chapel Bridge

Buildings across from The Chapel Bridge

Photo of dad photographing Rhine Falls

And the River Rhine flows.

Pondering the existence of love in its truest form

Photo of one of the best street performance I have ever witnessed. Castle in the background.


Double dates at La Boheme. C'est l'amour.

The hustle and bustle of the Cologne Cathedral

The amazing work of past masons and artisans.

The gates open and if you look up, its like being in a vessel heading to the heavens.

Should you find a need to know where you're standing in life, just look down.

Yes, these are real buildings and they are a sight to be seen.

Bro and dad at the docks waiting for our canal cruise to begin.

Once more wondering if locking one to another begets true love and loyalty.

Smile for the camera in the streets of Amsterdam.


Fountain installation at Kuekenhof

Enough tulips to last you for months.

Its beginning to feel like I'm Alice and this is Wonderland

Tulips at Kuekenhof

More tulips. Seriously... I just want to roll around in them.

Petals falling as the wind gently blows and my mom is filled with joyful wonder.

& what is the meaning of life ?

Just beautiful.

Landscaping in the Kuekenhof Gardens and some perspective play.

Have you seen a Windmill?

Have you seen a bunch of Windmills?

Belgian backyards, not your ordinary backyard.

I have got to hand it to the architects of the past.
(With a view like this in a town like that who wouldn't want to walk everywhere)

Exactly. Walking everywhere is a treat when you're here.

Photo of duckling making ripples in the calm waters.

How bout some topless mermaids?

Mom mailing some secret package the traditional way.

Having a Sheldon Cooper moment at The Atomium.

I dared him to silently follow a pigeon. I also dared him to scare it once he was close enough.

French hobo in the metro.
(French hobo still better than your hobo)

And this reminded me of Madeline and Miss Clavel riding the metro.

Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile on Place Charles De Gaulle
Oh Napoleon you showoff.

Just because - Friedland. "Fried" Land. 

Upon the Bateaux Mouches cruising along La Seine.

The suns rays warm us. La Seine, La Seine, La Seine.

La Tour Eiffel on Champ de Mars as seen from La Seine.

Simply can't argue with beauty.

& they forgone the traditional rules of building height as the Chinese came in and invested in a tall black eyesore.

Observing Paris.

(Photos like this of both my parents remind me that there is happiness waiting somewhere)

Oh gosh. Eurostar.

You'd probably this this is London Bridge. You're so wrong.
Tower Bridge - London, England.

Just because everyone wants to get into 10 Downing Street
That was granted an extremely lengthy post but I like pictures and I wanted to relive my journey through a small part of Europe. I would do it all again one day should I have the financial means to do so. Its at times like this when I pray for a good life where money isn't really an issue. Till then, work hard, play hard and I shall post soon.