Girls have wishes and girls have dreams. I may have my wishlist but its also simple to make me very very happy. I love flowers, Peonies and Roses to be exact and I also love everything pretty and nice. Macaroons for example and cupcakes are a nice gesture. I also love purses, dresses and jewellery. I think you can never go wrong with flowers and a nice box of macaroons. I also love books, I've not been reading much lately but I am working on getting my reading time back. My wishlist changes from time to time but as of now for the rest of the year, I would love to have:

  1. Peonies
  2. The gold heart pendant with little circle borders from Poh Kong
  3. Macaroons
  4. Dresses galore 
  5. Moo Cow
  6. Maybe a new MacBook Pro
  7. Bose iPod Dock
  8. Jewellery